Crime Control and Prevention District

The Richwood Crime Control and Prevention District was created as a special district with the same boundaries as the City and was authorized in 2009 by a vote of the citizens of Richwood.  It is funded entirely by a local sales and use tax of 1/4 percent.

 The district is managed by a seven member board who are appointed by the City Council.  The CCPD Board establishes the annual budget and policies, oversees expenditures and evaluates programs funded by the district.

The CCPD provides supplemental funding to assist the Richwood Police Department in fighting and preventing crime. 

Members serve a two year term.

Applications can be found here


Member Term
Bradley Tyler, President  Term expires May 2014
David Acord  Term expires May 2015
Bryan Roberts  Term expires May 2014
Randy Day  Term expires May 2015
Bill Wood  Term expires May 2014
Vacant  Term expires May 2015

Visit the Document Center to view the minutes of the Crime Control and Prevention District's meetings.