The City of Richwood operates under the Manager/Council  form of government and is a home-rule city.  Glenn Patton is the current City Manager. Your City Council consists of a mayor and five council members, who serve two year staggered terms, and are elected on an "at-large" basis. You may contact any and all of your elected officials.

Council Members Home No.
Paul Raymond, Position #1 979-236-7379
Melissa Blanks, Position #2  
Jarrod Beaty, Position #3 and Mayor Pro Tem 979-665-2720
Sarah Harris, Position #4 979-417-3136
Chris Hardison, Position #5 832-754-5039

Please send all correspondence for City Council to:

City Hall
Attn: (Councilmember)
1800 N. Brazosport Blvd.
Richwood, TX 77531