State Officials



Representative Dennis Bonnen       The Honorable David Dewhurst                       The Honorable Robert Duncan
Room 4N.5                                           Lieutenant Governor                                          State Senator, Appointed
PO Box 2910                                        The Capitol, Second Floor East                        State Capitol, Room 3E.10
Austin, TX   78768                              PO Box 12068                                                     Austin, Texas 78701
                                                                Austin, TX 78711-2068
Representative Randy Weber           The Honorable Joe Straus II                           The Honorable Rene Oliveira
District 29                                              Speaker of the House                                      Chair
Room E2.320, Capitol Extension        State Capitol, Room 2W.13                             House Committee on Ways
PO Box 2910                                         PO Box 2910                                                       and Means
Austin, TX   78701                              Austin, TX 78701                                              State Capital, Rom 4N.10
                                                                                                                                            Austin, TX 78701
The Honorable Mike Jackson           Rep. Jim Pitts, Chair, Appropriations             The Honorable Juan Hinojosa
PO Box 12068                                      Committee                                                            State Senator, Appointed
Capitol Station                                     District 10                                                            State Capitol, Room 3E.12
Austin, TX 78711                                Room CAP 1W.02 Capitol                                 Austin, TX 78701
                                                               PO Box 2910
                                                               Austin, TX 78768
The Honorable Joan Huffman         Director                                                                 The Honorable Dan Branch
PO Box 12068                                     John S. O’Brien                                                    State Representative, Appointed
Capitol Station                                   (512)463-1164                                                        State Capitol, Room E2.322
Austin, TX 78711                              John.O’                          Austin, TX   7801
The Honorable Sylvester Turner      The Honorable Steve Ogden                          The Honorable Judith Zaffirini
State Representative, Appointed     Chair Senate Finance Committee                    State Senator, Appointed
State Capitol, Room 1N.8                   State Capitol, Room GE.4                                 State Capital, Room 1E.14
Austin, TX   78701                              Austin, TX 78701                                               Austin, TX   78701
The Honorable Rick Perry
PO Box 12428
Austin, TX 78711